Viggle: Where I Actually Got Something for Checking In

A year or two back I posted on my company’s blog about why I quit FourSquare. It boils down to the simple fact that I wasn’t getting anything of value for constantly checking into places. Same thing with GetGlue and just about any other check-in app I’ve used. It’s fun to get badges and little cutesy titles for a while, but it gets old very quickly.

Which is why I was intrigued by Viggle when Access started working with them.

The premise: You pop open Viggle on your phone or tablet while watching TV, and let it listen to what you’re watching. It’ll recognize the show and allow you to check in. Every time you check in, you earn points, which can be redeemed for actual prizes.

Not badges or titles. Actual stuff people want and can use. Like gift cards, deals, t-shirts. I love t-shirts.

I can vouch personally. I saved up about 65,000 points over the course of around 6 months (the typical point total for an hour-long show is around 100-200) and traded in 62,000 for a $25 gift card at Best Buy.

Let me emphasize that point: this isn’t like the “Free iPad” posts your crazy aunt posts on Facebook in between her Obama rants and Kenny Loggins Jesus pics. Viggle is 100% legitimate. And it kicks ass.

Here’s a few reasons why I think this app has a bright future:

  1. It gives me (and every other user) a reason to watch live TV, which I almost never do.
  2. It incentivizes me to tune in to shows I never would otherwise (such as Nashville. I made it 6 minutes before stabbing myself.) This happens because┬áViggle offers extra points for checking into certain “featured” shows
  3. It keeps me from turning the channel (unless I’m watching Nashville.) This happens because Viggle offers in-show features such as trivia games and the “MyGuy” fantasy-style game during sporting events that actually require me to stick with the show and play along to earn extra points.
  4. It has rewards. Actual rewards.

There are some downsides. Viggle doesn’t pick up certain channels, and only recognizes your DVR’d shows within a day or two of the original airing. Viggle has limits on the amount of points you can earn, but they fall well within limits of normal human TV habits. It’ll take you a while to earn something, but that’s okay because you also checked in to that Waffle House for over a year to become mayor, and that put absolutely zero into your pocket.

The only other drawback is they need to expand their rewards options, but I think that’s coming soon.

It’s free and worth a try, so why not give it a whirl?

9 thoughts on “Viggle: Where I Actually Got Something for Checking In”

  1. Nice article, BC. I’ll see your $25 Best Buy gift card and vouch with my own $15 Chili’s card. A very interesting model and, to your point, straightforward and legitimate. Now if only I can get Kenny Loggins to stop tormenting my soul.

  2. Oh my god, you watch Fashion Star too? LOL

    So, how have I gone all this time and never hear of this? But does it have the social appeal that GetGlue has? Sure do not get a gift card on the GetGlue (I do get stickers though), but what I like is the social aspect. Sometimes with the live, or not so love show you can have some pretty fun conversations going on. You and others would kill me on Twitter if I held a 20 post convo about Britney Spears or the Kardashian waste of space on #XFactor!

    Anywhoo… I am going to try this out, based on your kick-ass recommendation!


    1. Thanks for commenting Doc! It doesn’t have the social features built out as well as GG yet, though I see them building some infrastructure that could lead to it down the road (they discreetly added a “friends” feature on profiles sometime recently). They have chat rooms associated with each show, but its still kind of the wild kingdom out there.

      I still use GG to checkin with movies because I watch them far less frequently than the tube, and I do think the badges are fun on a new release.

      1. I am going to try it tonight and see how it works. But I will never be able to give up my Foursquare and my GetGlue.

        BTW, your dislike with Foursquare is not really their fault (well it is I suppose) but businesses need to learn to start using it and creating rewards for customers. No other free tool out there like it (at least free for now!)

        Sounds like something we should teach businesses at some SMCSLC function! FSMC (FourSquare Master Class)


        1. I agree that 4SQ’s biggest strength is their data and mapping, and that will continue to make them a lot of moolah. They need to go full on with merchants, though. I think part of the problem is they can’t get more merchants on board until they get a lot more adoption from users, and they can’t get users to buy in more because the merchants aren’t there.

          1. I agree with you… it is the chicken before the egg. For me, adoption has to start at the merchant level. A merchant has to be made aware of the platform, and then let it’s clients know they are on it (stickers in windows, POP displays etc)

            But, merchants, by not at least being on the platform at all are now losing out on all FSQ’s search functionality, deals being displayed etc.

            Fully agree that FSQ could do some better outreach, and I read someplace that they are going to come out with a pay to play feature, but to keep it free and awesome for merchants, merchants themselves must look at ways they can promote their business with the tools they have at their fingertips. And, it would help if users of the platform would tell these businesses about it, but whenever I bring it up all they say is “I don’t have time”. And that to me is the biggest hurdle/challenge. Ain’t no better than FREE! =)

            Anyway, love the convo. This would be some great topics for discussion at future SMC events. blog posts etc.


  3. I’ve been using Viggle now for a little over a year.

    The tennis shoes that I’m wearing right now? Free from Foot Locker Gift Cards from viggle.

    I went and saw 4 movies last summer with my fiance, free, from viggle (back when they had free movie tickets as a reward)

    I’m up to $90 worth of Foot Locker gift cards again, and will be getting another $10 gift card hopefully this week.

    I love viggle.

    1. You’re a Viggle power user! I could have more if only I would remember to pull out my phone and check in. Alas, I’m content with the few things I’ve redeemed so far.

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